Digital Solutions

You can count on HAE when it comes to technology. We work with a variety of clients building websites, mobile apps and complex systems. Below are two case studies to showcase our potential to fulfil your needs if you need system solutions.

QMS (Quote Management System)


HAE operate a bespoke application developed by our own in-house team. Our Webportal runs in parallel to a variety of carrier systems that we use, and has been developed to integrate and communicate where possible with these carrier systems.

Our web portal is a fully-fledged web based solution which is used for the immediate, seamless and accurate commercial interactions with our freight forwarding customers, and our airline partners, offering the following:

  • Mobile access to CRM, as well as customer and carrier specific reporting during field sales meetings
  • Instantaneous input of customer sales visit records whilst on the road
  • Mobile interrogation of customer and carrier rates
  • Seamless and standardised carrier spot rate requests wherever we are
  • Accurately measured quote response times
  • Professional delivery of customer quotes direct to their inbox
  • Field sales’ Live-view of quotes and bookings whilst mobile
  • Customer click-to-book capability directly from their inbox
  • Quote feedback captured immediately based on customer entry
  • The website is https secure and all traffic is encrypted
  • The system structure allows permissions and user groups so that we can protect information based on user, location and carrier
  • Password information is hashed so true passwords can only ever be known by the user, and are not stored readably in any of the back screens
Operations and Administration
  • Customer click-to-book capability directly from their inbox
  • From moment quote is accepted, it is SOP for our team to make carrier booking within 15 minutes; automated traffic light system is linked to this
  • IATA EDI connectivity between our systems and carrier systems
  • Push notifications of spot-rate information to customers, based on converted FSU data
  • Expedited exception handling as result of FSU filtration, results in improved customer service
  • SLA management – performance reports specific to customer or carrier allowing us to comply with and/or implement SLA reporting of our partners
  • Mawb stock control – we can allocate AWB stock to customers and run reports to immediately identify usage and unused stock per customer or per carrier
  • Full suite of operational documents – system generated Hawb, Mawb, Airline Delivery and Collection Notes, Delivery Instructions, POD requests, etc.
  • Reporting – operational, commercial and customer reports can be generated from the system
  • Invoicing – full integration with SAGE for local invoicing, as well as with CASS for invoicing and amendments.
HAE Office


HAE developed their own in house Intranet as a one stop shop for employees to access up to date & relevant documents, tariffs, information & news for their own regions and globally.

Individuals can log into the intranet using their own network login and password.

The Intranet has been designed to do a number of things:
  • Introduction and update on HAE Group activities
  • Be a resource for information on all company products
  • Be a resource for information for staff to do their jobs – local forms, policies etc
  • It acts as a group directory where all team members and their contact details can be found as well as showing the companies complete organisation, who’s who & where they are based
  • Shows you where all HAE offices are
  • Follows the company’s various social media channels and all our latest news
  • Gives individuals ability to ask questions of the leadership team – make recommendations and seek feedback
  • On line leave calendar for requesting leave, authorising leave & recording leave & sickness.